24: 1 and 68: 1 Hydraulic Planetary Wheel Gearbox for T-L Pivot



Primary Features

– Direct Alternative for T-L Planetary Gearboxes

– JCPT Input for Immediate Motor Coupling

– Swift Performing is Normal for More Versatility

– 24:one or 68:one Equipment Ratio

– nine-Bolt Wheel Flange Pattern

– Peak Output Torque of sixty six,200 in-lbs

– Crammed with Lithium Grease.

Product Description

In purchase to hold competitive in the pivot irrigation industry, RAINTEK staff always listen to the market place and undertaking analysis to update the pivot factors. All the components are manufactured below stringent ISO9001 quality requirements. The high quality factors will make sure the good quality irrigation system. RAINTKE most current RT5710 planetary wheel gearbox is developed for T-L pivot and linears. As a grower on an investor, you realize the relevance of selecting the durable pivot elements, pick RAINTEK means you choose a wonderful crew of technicians, engineers, and consultants.

Organization Profile

Sustainable, progressive and farmer-inspired remedies – at RainTek Irrigation, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying large-high quality irrigation technique, components, and so on. in the international marketplace, rooted in our history as seasoned irrigation engineers and multi-generational farmers. We have a long custom of in-subject encounter, which provides us a 1st-hand account of the difficulties that farmers confront. We understand that you need to have cost-efficient solutions that are equally reliable and incorporate value to the farm enterprise.

Dependent on our a lot of ordeals in the irrigation industry, we have a desire that delivering much more price to agriculture. Much more and far more JCPTers be part of RainTek household to build this aspiration. We focus on manufacturing and providing substantial-quality merchandise and solutions to our JCPTer. Our present enterprise are largely in the agriculture area: center pivot irrigation system and spare parts, backyard irrigation products, drip irrigation merchandise, and so forth.

As we know, the pivot irrigation system has all around twenty five-35 years’ lifetime (the metal construction), some elements like sprinklers, motors, gearboxes, wheels, end guns, boot hoses, and so forth. have to be replaced after some times, 1 explanation is the JCPTers never do a good servicing work, another cause is the life span is just achieved. So many customers will buy heaps of spare components to mend the machine or just do some inventory in circumstance. RainTek can supply much more than 80% pivot spare areas incorporate steel structures with tremendous-top quality and sensible price. We hold on offering value to the agriculture organization.

24: 1 and 68: 1 Hydraulic Planetary Wheel Gearbox for T-L Pivot