Vertical Turning Center CNC Turning and Milling Vertical Lathe C Axis Cxk125c

Vertical Turning Center CNC Turning and Milling Vertical Lathe C Axis Cxk125c

one. Introduction

The CNC Double Column turning and milling centre is a blend of present day sophisticated mechanics, electrics and hydraulics basing on extensive knowledge, particular concentrate and specialist capabilities in the design and producing of massive scale vertical lathes. It is designed and produced with most recent technology know-how, optimized style, top quality content, fitting and ideal approach for manufacturing and assembly. 
It attributes, 

Large rigid thermo-symmetrical gantry composition for exceptional stability even at extreme chopping conditions Heavily ribbed base and desk with hydrostatic axial bearing for huge load capability Modular design and style very easily to be CZPT to go well with customer¡¯s assorted machining demands, ie. turning, milling, drilling, threading and grinding. 

It is designed and produced to satisfy contemporary machining requirements with high velocity reducing tools and 
carbide cutters on workpieces of cast iron, solid steel, alloy steel, fabricated metal and other materials. 
Cutting permits:                           1. I.D.& O.D. cylindrical turning two. End-facing 
                                                     3. I.D.& O.D. conical turning     4. Grooving 
                                                     5. Threading                              6. Curve cutting       7. Milling C axis (choice)

two. Tech data

three. Major functions

¡ï Suited for 380v/50HZ/3PH, or nearby energy supply, 
¡ï Trustworthy & strong Siemens SINUMERIK 802D s.l. CNC manage, 
¡ï High grade cast iron framework of principal bodies for super stability, trustworthiness & more time device existence, 
¡ï Centralized procedure button station and pendent procedure panel, 
¡ï Table with handbook 4-jaw chuck with chucking jaws, 
¡ï CNC controlled still left device head and buttons & switches managed proper device head, 
¡ï Square toolpost on vertical heads, especially appropriate for deep hole machining, 
¡ï Cast shafts employed in the table pace alter gear box, 
¡ï two spindle velocity gears, within each and every gear variable speeds are achievable for the table, 
¡ï Hardened & floor gears in table pace change gearbox for smooth working, 
¡ï Higher precision bearings used for supporting precision ballscrews (X / Z axes) on instrument heads, 
¡ï CZPT obligatory lubrication method for device heads and cross rail guideways, 
¡ï Higher energy DC fifty five kW major motor with DC digital drive device (Eurotherm / PARKER model), 
¡ï Air conditioner for impartial electric cupboard, especially appropriate for tropic climate, 
¡ï Work lamps for ample lights, 
¡ï Independent hydraulic electricity pack, simpler for adjustment & servicing, 
¡ï Hydrostatic axial bearing desk with continual flow power provide (.two-.4Mpa), 
¡ï twelve pockets massive axial hydrostatic bearing area making sure huge desk load potential,
¡ï CZPT clamping of cross rail onto the columns for weighty duty chopping, 
¡ï C45 steel rams are induction hardened & floor for enhanced dynamic functionality & longer daily life, 
¡ï Anti-put on industrial Zinc-Aluminum alloy (ZnAl10-five) lining on sliding guideways and put on-resistant 
Zinc-Aluminum alloy (ZnAl10-5) lining engraved on table guideways for longer equipment lifestyle, 
¡ï PLC device (CZPT / OMRON brand) built-in in electrical system for reputable operating, 
¡ï Servo feeding motors & ballscrews are used for feeding of each device heads, 

4. Castings
Primary bodies of the machine are produced of substantial rigid resin sand castings with thermal / vibratory stress relief 
(VSR) getting older treatment method. Metal areas are thermal refined. 
¡ð resin sand casting, 
¡ð high grade, high intensity and reduced stress 
¡ð tension relieved castings to take in the stresses and dampen the vibration in the course of cutting 

five. CZPT composition

¡ï Thermo-symmetrical gantry body structure 
The machine adopts a stable thermo-symmetrical gantry frame framework and is made up primarily of foundation, 
table, R.H. and L.H. columns, cross rail, top beam, resource heads, hydraulic system and electric program. 
Columns and cross rail are of box-formed castings with several bolstered ribs. Two columns are 
related by way of the leading beam on the best and bolted to the foundation at the base so to form a superb 
rigid and steady composition that is experienced for stable and heavy cutting even at severe cutting circumstances. 

Structure of components 
A single DC fifty five kW primary motor and a velocity alter gearbox are fitted at the back of device to travel the 
table. Cross rail moves up and down alongside front guideways of columns. The two tool heads are seated 
on the guideways of cross rail. The device heads are composed of carriage and ram. Rams are induction 
hardened and precision floor and jib strips are made of put on-resistant industrial alloy content and 
hand scraped for precision matching. Compulsary lubrication techniques are utilised in principal generate system and 
on sliding guideways. Impartial hydraulic electricity pack locates powering the equipment for less complicated adjustment 
and servicing. Independent electrical cupboard is equipped for easier venting of heat and less difficult check out

6. Foundation with spindle and bearing

The base is produced of seriously reinforced ribbed gray forged iron and tension-relieved right after rough machining. 
Large load limited-shaft kind spindle is positioned in the heart. Substantial precision (P5 class) preloaded double row 
cylindrical roller thrust bearing is equipped to support the spindle radically. Internal conic ring of the 
bearings can get rid of the radial clearance effectively for substantial precision positioning of spindle and 
secure rotating at substantial pace. Big measurement hydrostatic bearings are adopted axially on the base for improved 
loading ability. Hydrostatic guideways are Zinc-Aluminum alloy lined and matched. Constant flow 
hydraulic oil flows in by means of regulating distribution mechanism. 
Continual movement synchronous pumps and a multi-head synchronized oil distributor are adopted to provide 
continuous oil to every single person pocket of the 12 oil pockets on the foundation higher guideways through regulating 
valves. An oil stress relay is outfitted. After oil pressure is significantly less than the rated worth, alarm will be given 
and rotation of the doing work table will not be authorized. 
Hydrostatic bearing features: 
a). low friction for easy rotation and long existence of desk, 
b). large load capacity on desk, 
c). oil film between device foundation and table absorbs chopping vibration & masses, 
d). security technique regulating the hydrostatic pressure for the best possible security. 

7. Table
The table is made of higher grade forged iron with several reinforced ribs for fantastic rigidity. 4 large duty 
jaws are equipped on the table. A ring gear is equipped under the desk. Surfaces below the table are engraved with 
put on-resistant Zinc-Aluminum alloy lining. 

8. Cross rail

Cross rail moves up and down together guideways of columns. Elevation of the cross rail is via a 
mechanism that is composed of an asynchronous motor, driving shafts, worm gear containers, trapezoidal 
leadscrews, and many others. Cross rail is lifted simultaneously by means of the trapezoidal screws. 
¡ð Cross rail will be clamped instantly on to the column soon after achieving the necessary place and 
will be relieved for movement. Clamping pads are outfitted to assure steady & reliable clamping of the 
cross rail for planning of large reducing. 
¡ð Telescopic addresses are geared up on the cross rail to keep it from intrusion of chips & dusts. 
¡ð CZPT obligatory lubrications models are equipped for lubrication of the guideways.
¡ð Getting in contact with surfaces at the back of the cross rail are lined with dress in-resistant industrial alloy
substance for smoother travels and longer machine lifestyle. 

9.C axis, ram with stay spindle and ATC (optional, model VBM series)

The machine can also be incorporated with a 3rd controlled axis, ie. C axis for managed rotary motion of 
the desk. The movement is transmitted to the desk by means of a pinion meshing with the gear that is 
placed beneath the desk. The pinion is driven by a servo motor through a gearbox reducer unit. C axis allows 
for a managed higher precision inHangZhou & positioning of the table, combining a minimal velocity variable rotation 
and a large torque on the table, permitting milling, drilling and grinding operations with substantial precision. 
The ram dimension can also be enlarged and modified to accommodate a stay rotating spindle driven by a servo 
motor. The spindle nose can be ISO 50 / BT fifty with device clamping system. 
With this configuration, the machine can complete milling, drilling and reaming as well as turning features. X, 
Z and C axes can be concurrently managed. 
¡ð A rotating spindle is integrated in the ram and is pushed by an AC spindle motor. 
¡ð In turning manner, desk is driven by DC main motor, DC electronic travel and 2-phase velocity adjust gearbox. 
¡ð In inHangZhou and table feeding manner (C-axis), desk is pushed by servo motor and equipment-pinion mechanism. 
¡ð The a/m two modes are interlocked, ie. system for turning will de-couple when the device is 
running in milling method and vice versa. 
CZPT device changer (ATC) can also be adopted with device journal ability of eight, 12 or twenty pockets. 

10. Standard equipment

eleven. Set up for Client website


Vertical Turning Center CNC Turning and Milling Vertical Lathe C Axis Cxk125c