0.8-1 Ton Hour Biomass Wood Pellet Line Plant

0.8-1 Ton Hour Biomass Wood Pellet Line Plant

Wooden Pellet Producing Line/Plant

Item Description
We can make pellet creating line from 500kg/h to 12t/h which is included crusher, dryer, pellet maker, cooling, packing and other auxiliary equipments. The complete line is compact framework, modest profession, minimal intake and large effectiveness.

The biomass pellets can be manufactured from any sort of wooden, straw squander, forestry wastes, lumber leftover, sawdust, wooden chips, wood bark and all type of agriculture things, this sort of as rice husk, bamboo dust, sugarcane, espresso husk, paddy straws, sunflower/cotton/corn stalks and so on.

The completed pellets diameter can be 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm in accordance to client’s need.

The main procedure of the line consists of:
Wooden crusher  ( crush the large wooden into little pieces like sawdust)
Dryer                 ( dry the uncooked material to correct moisture before generating pellets)
Pellet mill          ( press raw content into pellets)
Cooler               ( cool down pellets and get rid of certain moisture)
Screener           ( get rid of dust, and damaged pellets)
Packager           ( pack pellets into bags of necessary excess weight)

The above is CZPT pellet making line approach, some processes are option and adjustable in accordance to different raw materials and prerequisite of customers.

Introduction of Vertical Ring-die Pellet CZPT:

one.      Gearbox: Driving with large-precision gears, CZPT CZPT pump program keep the   gearbox doing work stability and warranty time period

two.      Vertical motor: the most characteristic is mounting gap with output shaft as the center, Equidistant distribution around, A lot more powerful and security of device working

three.      Blower system: Located in a single aspect of operate bin, Totally free management the functioning time, The principal purpose is dedusting and discharge steam

four.      Operating components: Ring-die and rollers materials are alloy metal, Heat treatment manufactured by ourselves, Hardness a lot more than 52,In this hardness can guarantee the pelleting quality and warranty time, Functioning manner is from inside of to outdoors push, Centrifugal power and extrusion force jointly, Produced far more capacity, At the very same time assure hardness and density, The specific design is 4 rollers operating, Enhance press rate then boost ability, Ring-die is “vertical double-deck” construction, It can use a single mould with very same gap size for working daily life improved, In addition it can use one particular mould with distinct gap size for saving the money for another size mould.

Product Inner Dia of ring die power ( KW ) Capability(ton/h) Dimension (m) Fat ( KG )
LB -450MX 450mm 55KW .8-one.0T 1.4*.seventy five*one.55 2800
LB -550MX 550mm 90KW one.5-2T one.nine*.95*one.eight 4500
LB -800MX 800mm 132KW 2-3T 2.five*1.35*two.1 7000
LB-1000MX 1000mm 160KW 3-4T 2.65*one.45*two.1 8500

0.8-1 Ton Hour Biomass Wood Pellet Line Plant