52: 1 Wheel Gearbox for Valley Pivot and Linear

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Major Functions

– External Growth Chamber

– API Cartridge Enter/Output Seals

– Quality Outsized JCPTs to Manage Extreme Masses

– two-one/4″ (57.2mm) Large Power Alloy Steel Shafts

– Alloy Equipment Teeth for Excellent Use Resistance and Longevity

– Twin Enter Shafts

– Common (thirteen-bolts) Mounting

– Crammed with Top quality Intense Pressure GL5 Gear Oil

– Minimal three-Several years Warranty.

Item Description

In get to hold aggressive in the pivot irrigation sector, RAINTEK team always pay attention to the market and doing investigation to update the pivot factors. All the parts are manufactured below rigorous ISO9001 good quality standards. The high quality elements will make certain the quality irrigation method. RAINTKE latest V521 wheel gearbox is made for weighty-obligation using goal which can handle the extreme loads. You can directly use V521 wheel gearbox to exchange/repair Valmont&Valley pivot or other makes pivot. As a grower on trader, you recognize the value of picking the durable pivot parts, choose RAINTEK signifies you pick a wonderful crew of professionals, engineers, and consultants.

Business Profile

Sustainable, innovative and farmer-motivated answers – at RainTek Irrigation, we are dedicated to production and delivering substantial-top quality irrigation technique, factors, and so on. in the world-wide market, rooted in our track record as seasoned irrigation engineers and multi-generational farmers. We have a prolonged custom of in-field expertise, which provides us a very first-hand account of the difficulties that farmers confront. We comprehend that you require expense-efficient solutions that are each dependable and add worth to the farm business.

Primarily based on our loads of experiences in the irrigation market, we have a dream that delivering more benefit to agriculture. More and far more JCPTers sign up for RainTek family to create this dream. We emphasis on producing and providing higher-quality items and providers to our JCPTer. Our present company are largely in the agriculture location: middle pivot irrigation technique and spare areas, garden irrigation items, drip irrigation merchandise, and so forth.

As we know, the pivot irrigation method has all around 25-35 years’ lifetime (the steel structure), some parts like sprinklers, motors, gearboxes, wheels, end guns, boot hoses, etc. have to be replaced after some times, a single explanation is the JCPTers will not do a excellent routine maintenance occupation, one more cause is the life span is just attained. So a lot of users will obtain tons of spare elements to mend the machine or just do some inventory in circumstance. RainTek can provide much more than 80% pivot spare elements include steel structures with super-good quality and realistic cost. We maintain on offering benefit to the agriculture enterprise.

52: 1 Wheel Gearbox for Valley Pivot and Linear