Supply Factory Price Steel Wire Spiral Bending Machine

Supply Factory Price Steel Wire Spiral Bending Machine

Rebar arc  Bending  CZPT  GWY-40 

Steel arc bending machine is developed and manufactured for massive-scale design projects, bridges, tunnels, culverts, electricity stations and metro assignments.

This sequence of products are simple to operate, practical to maintain, successful and quick, correct in radian, one particular-time forming.

The device adopts a totally enclosed equipment box physique to improve the total functionality of the device underneath large load and no oil leakage. The equipment, equipment shaft, equipment box and bending wheel adopt higher-top quality alloy metal and appropriate warmth remedy (quenching and tempering), and the thickened shell ensures the machine’s higher efficiency beneath high load.Gwy-40 steel bar bending machine flywheel side bolts make certain the precision of bending diameter following quit and restart.The double anti-skid driving wheel drives and operates reliably. The adjustable bending angle is from ten to 360 °, and the six-32mm metal bar can be bent round or spiral shaped.

Functions of Gwy-40 steel bar arc bending machine: 
1. The metal bar arc bending equipment adopts double driving wheel transmission construction, forming at one particular time.
2. Gwy-forty steel bar arc bending device is simple to be lubricated with calcium base grease.
3. The steel bar arc bending device is easy in operation, practical in use, precise in radian and productive.
four.  The functioning wheel is made of high rigidity content, which is rugged and durable.
5. The gearbox equipment is manufactured of high rigidity material with lengthy services daily life.
six. If replace the doing work wheel, can also make arc processing for angle steel, flat steel and round steel.
CZPT parameters

Model GWH-32 GWY-40
Rebar Diameter Ф25mm-Ф32mm Φ32mm
Spiral Radius ≥150mm >= 500mm
Principal-wheel rotate speed 20m/min 43r/min
Power 4kw five.5kw+5.5kw
Dimension(mm) 920×760×800mm 880mm*780mm*940mm
Voltage 380V 380V
Weight 380KG 680kg

Working methods for gwy-40 steel bar arc bending machine:
one. Check regardless of whether the mechanical homes are great, whether or not the worktable and bending equipment table are stage, and regardless of whether all kinds of spindle tool stops are in location.
two. According to the diameter of processed steel bars and the needs of bending equipment, set up the mandrel, forming shaft, iron retaining shaft or variable retaining body, and the mandrel diameter shall be two.5 times of the diameter of metal bars.
three. Verify that the mandrel, baffle and rotary table are cost-free of harm and crack, the protecting include is restricted and reputable, and the operation can only be carried out following affirm the equipment can operate typically in empty.
four. Throughout the operation, insert 1 stop of the metal bar to be bent into the clearance offered for repairing the rotary desk, fix the other finish of the machine physique and push it down by hand, check the fixation of the machine entire body, and start off the machine only when it is put in on the aspect that blocks the steel bar.

five. It is strictly prohibited to modify the mandrel, alter the angle, alter the speed, or refuel.

Item packaging and export

We adopt wooden and iron box to pack steel rod cutter device, better promise the security and top quality of items, we adopt a number of port, numerous exit stage.These kinds of as ZheJiang , HangZhou, ZheJiang and other locations.Solution transportation will be more rapidly and more hassle-free.
coated with plastic bag — shield device from h2o.
 plastic bag lined with sturdy water-resistant bag — double safeguard device from
h2o and surface hurt.
fix the equipment into Iron shelf — stop from injury.
 carton cover onto the iron shelf — protect the privacy of clients’ goods.

Our Business
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Supply Factory Price Steel Wire Spiral Bending Machine